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22 Article Series:
How to take leadership with Exponential Growth Publishing

First published on Biznology:

#1: Anticipate

Take command with next gen insights, leadership and vision

How do you defeat the giant platforms? Change the economic paradigm to people-first.

#2:  Innovate

Take the lead with next gen technology

How do you outperform giant surveillance advertising platforms? Change to people-first technologies that make everyone super-smart, super powerful, protected and in control.

Connected Consumption Life Cycle

Connected Consumption is the new customer experience (CX)

The next marketing communication priority:  Every touch in the consumption life cycle.

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September 18, 2017

#3:  Implement

Supercharge your life, work and company with exponential growth

How do you take back leadership of advertising, media and business? Unleash everyone to control the economy, governance and the world.

PPG Platform: Prosperity, Protection and Greatness for Everyone

Take leadership through an Exponential Growth Publishing Platform

A new Digital Earth platform for universal prosperity, personal protection and greatness for all.
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November 13, 2017

#4:  Lead

Reach a People-First Future now: Resources to lead an exponential growth industry and planet

Penetrate markets, capture your industry and expand to lead a successful Digital Earth.

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More Resources to
Make You the People-First Leader

How can you use people-first technology to lead universal prosperity and a successful planet by helping everyone rise to the top?

Roadmaps and Briefings
New Technology

Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All. This book is now free on, where it was in the top 10% in 2016.

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​Add always-on User Experiences today: Continuously connect with customers, employees, suppliers, partners and markets.

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Use people-first Roadmaps and Briefings to develop business leadership. Switch from catching up to leaping ahead.

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Add a people-first Digital Earth. Over 750 patent citations received, with the most from world-leading companies. 

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Meet Dan Abelow, Founder and Principal Consultant

​Dan Abelow

Principal Consultant Breakthrough UX, Inventor Expandiverse Technology, Strategist Digital Earth 2025, Author Imagine a New Future

  • Degrees from Harvard and Wharton.
  • Drove advances at leading companies like Accenture and Cisco Systems.
  • Previous patents licensed by over 550 companies.
  • Over 750 patent citations received by new Expandiverse Technology to build a people-first Digital Earth.

Meet Dan (0:53 video)

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